Top Five Tourist Places In DG Khan

Dera Ghazi khan is a city located in the Southern Punjab province of Pakistan. It is a fertile land of Indus River. This Dera Ghazi Khan was named by a Balouch Sardar Haji Khan. He found this land in the 15th century. In 1908, The destroying flood in the Indus River demolished the old city and New city came into being in 1910. DG Khan has a lot of 4 districts and 14 tehsils. This is the 19th biggest city of Pakistan by the population. This is famous for various tourism places including historical, religious and tour.

5 Places to Visit in Dera Ghazi khan

The DG Khan has special importance as a tourist in Pakistan. The whole DG khan is a place to visit but here we describe only five places:

  1. Fort Munro 

Fort Munro is a famous hill station located in DG Khan. It is also known as Tuman Leghari. It is about 2 kilometers above sea level. Fort Munro is about 85000 meters from DG khan and 185000 meters from Multan. Fort Munro is located on Quetta Road and Sulaiman Mountain Range. It attracts so many tourists every year who live in hot plains. Fort Munro has a very pleasant environment with natural beauty. It is the most famous tourist place in DG khan.

All types of tourists who want to take snaps of different places must come here. The Peoples lives near fort munro give you remarkable memories. Fort Munro is heaven for Southern Punjab.

The Peoples from Southern Punjab go to Fort Munro to enjoy the cool environment. 

  1. Tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar

The tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar is a religious place for Muslims. The tomb is situated on the peak of mountains present in the Sulaiman range. The Sufi person Syed Ahmed Sultan named Sakhi Sarwar. Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar is a Sufi saint of Muslims. They play an important role to spread the Islam. The tomb was built in the 13th century in a small village near DG khan. The Tomb is about 33 kilometers from DG Khan city. Every year his Urs holds in different cities and also in Afghanistan.

The tomb was renewed by the Mughal Empire “Zahir-ur-din Baber”. The tomb building shows the unique architect of Mughal Empires. The back wall of the tomb has a very unique design. Every year many people from other areas come to see the Urs. The Mela is held every year in honor of Syed Sultan Ahmed known as “Sangh Mela” between the days of March to April. Many peoples that come to pay salam at tomb of Sakhi Sarwar they pay their first salam to the tomb of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar parents

The Tomb has many miracles. The two points  “Moza and Chom” are associated with the miracle myths. The people say that Chom had the impression of hand prints when Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar stopped falling mountains. There are also rumors of some amazing trees. This is a very attractive place to visit. The visitors enjoy the culture of the shraeen. Many peoples that come 

  1. Dera Ghazi Khan Zoo

The awesome Zoo is located in the center of DG Khan near the Commissioner Office. The Zoo is managed by the Wildlife, Forestry and Fisheries Department of Punjab. This Zoo was established in 1938-1985 under the developing program of “Promotion of Wildlife and control of hunting in DG Khan”.  The DG Khan Zoo covers an area of 12 acres. This Zoo is a good place for visitors to capture the natural beauty of animals. The renovation, cleaning and sanitation is caring on a regular basis. Swings Fountain makes the DG Khan Zoo attractive for the childrens. Moreover an aquarium and snake house was set recently in the Zoo which has unique types of snakes and fishes. Our government spends a big revenue on this Zoo.

The Zoo has many animals like Olive Baboons, Rhesus Monkeys, Lions and Ostrich etc. The government is doing more day by day to make this Zoo a largest tourist place in Pakistan. The walls and cage have a special kind of architect.  The People of Southern Punjab go to DG Khan Zoo to have a picnic. The DG Khan Zoo has special tourist attractions So, it is considered to be a good attractive place in DG Khan.

  1. Tomb of Ghazi Khan

The Tomb of Ghazi Khan is located in the graveyard of mullah Quaid Sha.Its main gate is on the east side and two small gates are on the north and south sides. A graveyard was built around Ghazi Khan’s grave.This tomb was built in 1494AD. Ghazi Khan was the son of Haji Khan, who found the city of Dera Ghazi Khan. The tomb of Ghazi Khan has special historical importance in the history of DG Khan. The Building is very old and ancient. The Roofs are flats and the walls are decorated by Glazed kashi tiles.

It is the oldest building in the city. The condition of the mausoleum is deteriorating and many social workers are raising their voices to preserve this heritage.

  1. Ghazi Park

This Ghazi Park is found by the Ghazi Khan. This park is an area of natural, semi-natural, or planted space for the enjoyment of the public. All the beauty of the park is maintained by the Gardening Department of Punjab. As you know, The country parks and Natural parks are the main source of enjoyment in the countryside. The Ghazi park has a very attractive fountain with a small well.

People of DG Khan often come to enjoy the natural beauty. This park contains many grassy places and old trees. The shadow of trees cover the whole park with his branches. Ghazi Park is one of the famous tourist attractions in Pakistan. Many people are doing their best to make the park more attractive. The main attraction for the children is  swings and see-saws.

Waterfalls added more beauty to the parks. In the season of Spring, the park is full of colorful flowers. You can feel the softness of rose and daffodils in the spring. As winter comes, the Ghazi Park becomes full of fog and fragrance. In the Autumn, The Leaves of trees start falling.

It is like the yellow storm is coming to the Earth. In the Summer, There coolness of trees and plants. The shadows provided by the trees are pleasant.

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