Types of Driver No One Want to Come Across While Driving

The lack of road culture focuses on these types of drivers, who have been completely blinded by impatience and envy and make our journeys a true martyrdom, not to mention the dangers they generate with their bad habits at the wheel.

We have all come across drivers who make us think that divine force was what allowed them to be behind the wheel of a car on our streets, because we know that the authorities do not have some kind of control over them. We understand that our roads are not first class, there are many inconsistencies in the streets and roads that take us daily to our destination, but it is also true that we share the street with individuals who, in addition to the poor state of the road infrastructure, exhibit behaviors erratic that make walking even more difficult, causing traffic jams and even accidents. You should be responsible while driving; there might be someone on the road driving an expensive car like a Ferrari or something. Then there might be those who just bought a used car online in the UK.

So we have given ourselves the task of mentioning some of these drivers, with the simple purpose of making them see reason, if they recognize themselves doing any of these maneuvers on streets, all for the common good.

The “just the tip”

This type of driver approaches any intersection, projecting the front of his vehicle, with the sole intention of “saving time” through a tragic execution of the infamous lamination.

Generally, they invade the pedestrian zone, with the solid argument that the turn to the right is continuous, regardless of the state of the traffic light, blocking the traffic coming with the right of way. They are also well known among the streets without traffic light signals where regardless of the length of your vehicle, they poke out in an exaggerated way to be able to be sure of oncoming traffic.

A truck, a vehicle with bad brakes or a distracted driver can cause an accident that could have been prevented, with the simple resource of patience.

Those who don’t give thanks

Generally present in the rush hours of our busy cities, this unique type of driver believes that he has the divine right of way, so when one has the decency and consideration to let him pass in front, they do not deign to appreciate the gesture.

The simple act of thanking with a wave of the hand is very well received by motorists, who regardless of whether they have to yield or not, is considered an act of consideration and appreciation.

A simple gesture of the hand is enough, it costs nothing and allows drivers to continue yielding without problem, it is an act where everyone wins.

Those who do not get out of the left lane

The left lane is only for passing, it is a rule that comes in the traffic regulations, but there are a large number of drivers who simply do not understand this rule and stand in the aforementioned lane regardless of anything else.

On the roads we have speed limits and even so we find these individuals occupying the entire width of the road and the worst thing is that they go below the allowed limit, which generates many of the traffic jams on our avenues and highways.

It is very simple to use only the left lane to pass and even leave it free for all those drivers who are speeding, it is better than having them behind us, for safety.

Those who see fog everywhere

Under the argument of having paid for all the lights that equip his vehicles, this annoying driver uses the fog lights at any time of the day, even on sunny days.

In the same sense as driving with the high beams in high traffic situations, using the fog lights is very annoying, to the extent that it can cause accidents due to glare.

It doesn’t really make sense to use them except in very foggy or inclement weather situations; otherwise it is rude and selfish. Most of the vehicles now incorporate them due to legislation in other parts of the world and sometimes it is more expensive to develop new parts instead of not equipping them, so we ask that, if it is not under a very low visibility scenario, do not are used.

Those who put the directional signs weigh on the soul

Circulation in large cities is complicated, space is tight and we are increasingly circulating through the arteries of our city. Being aware of all the drivers around us is also a complex task, but even so we have among us a number of drivers who believe that we have the ability to guess their intentions behind the wheel, as if they were known for a lifetime and We keep all the details of their daily routine fixed in mind, so they do not feel the need to announce their maneuvers through the useful directional lights that all vehicles equip.

It seems that the use of these luminous elements has a great energy or caloric cost in this type of drivers, because under no circumstances do they activate them, generating frustration and a chain of drivers with erratic braking that in turn are the main source of gigantic traffic jams .

Please, do not be so narcissistic behind the controls of your vehicle, most of the drivers that we go around are simply not interested in their destinations or their routine, announce their maneuvers in time, it is not really difficult to use the directional lights. These should ideally be activated before the vehicle has a change in trajectory or speed prior to a turn.

Cell phone addicts

We have all come across a driver who moves erratically during a journey, or who simply does not move when the light is green. What happens in the head of these people? At last you pass them and without a doubt a bright light illuminates their faces that are totally immersed in the messages or content of their smartphones, while they drive.

We need to be connected at all times, it is true today, mobile phones and their great evolution is a great proof of this, but it is also true that the majority of accidents within large cities are due to not being able to leave from looking at our phones while we drive.

Our availability for any type of need is essential and the assemblers invest a large amount of money to reduce the distractions generated by our phones, including a lot of technology for this purpose.

Recent studies have revealed that the use of the digital platforms of Android Auto and Apple Carplay, reduce distractions by a large amount, so let’s use them, if it is necessary to be aware at all times of what may happen with our communication let them Virtual assistants fulfill the sole function of their existence, and let’s focus on the road.

Driving is a pleasure for many of us, however, like many pleasant things in life, it carries many responsibilities, which not many can or want to understand.

This collection of cases is just a small sample of what we live in the streets and that with a slight change, especially in attitude, can significantly improve the quality of our transfers in the city and its surroundings, so we ask that if you Did you identify with any of the aforementioned behaviors, reconsider a little and contribute to improving our country from the seat of your car.

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