How to Vintage Curls your Hair

How To Achieve Vintage Waves? For many years women have desired the same thing: How To Vintage Curls Your Hair? This article contains a few affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, l get a special commission, absolutely free, at no extra cost to you. Read full disclosure here.

Voluminous Vintage Curls

Curly-haired ladies do all their curl making in the day-time. They just don’t have the time during the work week to devote to their curls. Yet voluminous vintage curls need their curls attention day-long if they want them to look good with ECOCO hair products. This is when a thick, stick-straight hair style is essential.

Thick layer of heat protectant

Before styling, apply a thick layer of heat protectant or heat styling spray. Use a round brush or small metal comb. Curls should be applied with even pressure. Curls can also be applied with the fingers comb; however, since we use our fingers for most styling, this method may not give optimum results. A wide tooth comb works best for getting long and curly hair volume.

Vintage curl video

If you are new to the idea of curling your hair, watching a video tutorial or reading a book may help. You can purchase a video tutorial or look up a vintage curl video on YouTube. In a video tutorial, the hairdresser demonstrates how to use the curling irons on various sizes of hair. In a vintage curl video, the hairstylist will demonstrate proper technique by applying the curling iron on the back of the head using one side at a time. Learning how to Vintage Curls your hair can take a little practice but it is well worth the effort.

Tease out the ends

After the hair has been conditioned and cleaned, you are ready for step two, which is styling. If you have a video tutorial or a book that explains how to Vintage Curls your hair, you can start by applying a thick layer of heat protectant or heat styling spray to the entire length of your hair. Gently tease out the ends and begin brushing in a downward motion. Brushing in a circular pattern is better for maximizing volume.

Separating your hair

Once the hair is brushed to reduce any breakage, curl the end off in a nice curl with your fingers. Next, separate the hair into three sections: the front, the back, and the middle. If you want a really nice curl, you can create one part with your fingers and then curl the rest with your Bobby pins. The middle section of your hair should be wet with your favorite shampoo while the back and front sections of hair can remain dry.

Plastic shower cap

For step three, wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap and attach a piece of heavy-duty jewelry that will keep your hair in place. Using the flat iron, use the tip of the iron to apply light pressure on the bottom section of your hair while it is being pulled up and down by the good. Then, use the flat iron’s opposite end to pull the top section of your hair backwards. You will notice that the hair being curled will become shorter and lighter as it goes back to its original state. Continue applying pressure until you have achieved the desired look.


Finally, you are ready to present your Vintage Curls look! To do this, simply take the same shower cap and wrap it over one of your fingers. Use your hot roller to begin rolling your hair toward the front of your face. You can use both hands to guide the hot roller along your hair as it tightens. If you would like to add waves, use your fingers to gently apply slight waves all around your face and you should be able to achieve the Vintage Curls look! When you are finished, wash your hair as usual, and then use a vintage styled boho necklace to complete your look!

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